Premium decking - As naturally beautiful as the great outdoors and currently considered the ideal eco friendly wood for timber decking.

PaviPalm decking drew its inspiration from nature’s untouched beauty. Highly durable non slip decking with unique touch, PaviPalm Decking mainly owes it’s reputation to its rot proof qualities. In fact, its exceptional density provides natural protecting against insects. Suitable for laying outdoor patios, indoor saunas and bathrooms.

Relax and rejuvenate your senses in the great outdoors with PaviPlam Decking. For a complete texture, and unique look, design your patio or garden in just the way you want it with the wide variety of PaviPalm Premium decking tiles.
PaviPalm Deck
Cor: Dark
Acabamento: Raw
Dimensions: 20mm x 90mm x até 2000mm